Uberall's decision-making platform helps companies to understand when a visit to their customers is needed. Whether you need to deliver more products or achieve more aggressive service level agreements (SLAs), Uberall is the perfect partner to support enterprise mobility operations.

Our mobile apps have been the first in the world Validated by the industry leader and partner, Zebra Technologies at the Global Solution Center in Holtsville, NY. As a continuous innovative cycle, we have grown to include the IoT concept to our solution, being the first player in Latin America to implement industrial IoT solutions including sensors to get operational data from fixed and mobile assets in real time.

The last frontier we are achieving is to embed cognitive capabilities to our platform. Our goal is to enable companies to make faster and more assertive decisions, by analyzing huge amounts of data, transforming it to meaningful information and triggering actions to mobile apps to be completed on the go.

With Uberall clients get an overall cost efficiency of 30% in the first year, gain visibility in last mile operations and create an engagement experience between teams on the field, people at the office and final customers.

I. o T.

Connect multivendor sensors & generate data with a device agnostic API.


Ingest big data and gain operational visibility through a scalable hybrid solution.


Convert data into meaningful information and learn to trigger smarter actions.


Engage your team and customers in new ways with mobile applications.


Data is the fuel and analysis is the heart of a cognitive solution. We ingest a lot of data to convert it into meaningful information. Learn how to predict future scenarios and solve problems in a faster and better way.

120MM+ processed