Mobile is not enough. Analytics are the key to convert data to information. By connecting multi vendor sensors to our cloud, we let our customers join the IoT era by capturing data in real time from a variety of assets, analyze it and convert it in meaningful information.

By using our platform, the world's largest telecommunications company optimized their field operations in Latam, to accomplish more agressive Service Level Agreements and improve customer satisfaction, providing real time status to the final users.

Argentina's biggest industrial refrigerators company gained machinery status visibility and anticipates failures by adding BLE sensors to the operation and connecting the mobile workforce to provide smarter services.

One of the most important electrical companies in Mendoza bills customers on the field.
They reduced monthly visits from 2 to 1 and increased workforce productivity by 60%. The ROI of the project was 2 months.

The largest logistics companies in Argentina partners with the largest ecommerce company in Latam. During the first Hot Sale using Uberall the increased packages managed by 250% while reducing customers complains by 40%.

The French Oil & Gas company uses our platform for direct sales distribution to sell, invoice, deliver and charge customers on the go. During the first year, they increased sales by 65% year to year and optimized costs by 20%, by implementing our technology.

The largest postal service in Uruguay leverages from our platform to gain visibility in the last mile while providing smarter services for special goods handling and better customer experiences by engaging final customers in the process.